May 2012

Modern Convenience

The Shakes

Modern Convenience is a punk band from Memphis. They’ve got a really cool 11-track album on Bandcamp called The Shakes recorded at Kick ‘Em In The Mouth Studios. This band started as a solo project of Mike Bibbs and now also includes his girlfriend on drums and a rotating cast of bass players for live shows. They’re playing at The Buccaneer on June 7 if you want to get some really punky garage rock on your calendar!


Drone Empire

Need some really solid punk rock? Check out Adaje’s 2010 effort, “Drone Empire” on Bandcamp! They’ve had a couple other albums since this one, but I think this is the best first exposure if you haven’t heard of Adaje before. It’s twelve tracks, and you can download it at the price of your choice from their Bandcamp.