March 2012


A Memphis band with a lot of texture and sound

I’m glad Snowglobe lists The Flaming Lips as an influence. I actually like this music a lot better than The Flaming Lips, but I can definitely see the relation. This band is about texture, and their songs are just as elaborate as they are tasteful. There are a ton of crazy sounds in all of these songs, but they’re all placed really well. They don’t just make the song busier, they make it more meaningful, and that’s exactly what extra bits of recordings should do.

The Rainy Saturdays - 'Let's Break Our Hearts'

Yes, let's. Delay and fuzz make for a hefty nod to the Jesus & Mary Chain and company.

Scissors & The Cuts

Memphis Rock And Roll

Scissors & The Cuts are just a good old rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. I know you know that you’re reading the Memphis blog right now and so stating the bands origin in long form was possibly excessive, but I believe this band is really very close to what I imagine Memphis rock and roll to be. Though it’s not blues based, it is very much straight original era rock and roll.

Another Green World - 'Submission'

If you wish the '80s had been a little lower-fi, here's a treat for you: fuzzy, breezy new wave courtesy of Alec West.

Arma Secreta - 'Coccyx'

These guys certainly fall on the harder side of post-punk--almost closer to post-hardcore, really. Complex, long-form rock songs make up the Dependent Lividity EP.