February 2012

Tiger High

Tiger High took me a little bit longer to find than most of the bands I write about from Memphis, but what a treasure! These guys are making really great music. All of these guys (Jake Vest, Greg Roberson, Toby Vest, and Greg Faison) are Memphis natives who’ve been in their share of other bands. They make their records at High/Low Recording studio owned by Toby Vest, and they sound amazing.


Is there as much blues rock in Memphis as Bandcamp makes it seem? Pretty much every other band on here is blues rock. It’s pretty much either that or rappers who include nudity on their album covers and thus prevent me from comfortably posting them here.


Ah! Something different emerges! There’s a band in Memphis simply called Bean whose Bandcamp tags include “happy”, “hot dog”, and “sandwiches”. Boy, do I love sandwiches. Their picture is a bean with sunglasses and a gun. Their album title is Bean. This is simplicity I can get behind.

Fast Planet - 'These Hills'

Fast Planet's Jes LP, a nine-song collection of dense, soulful electro-pop, will officially drop on Tuesday. You can currently download the whole thing for whatever you'd like, though. 

The Heavy Eyes

Memphis Blues Rock

If somebody said, “Hey man, want to go listen to some Mississippi psychadelic blues rock in this bar I found in outer Memphis?” The Heavy Eyes are exactly what I would expect to hear. They’re nailing it for their genre. I could see them playing in any bar in Memphis, Mississippi, or Louisiana. This music is obviously guitar driven, and they do it true to their style.