January 2012

Poppy Red - 'Keep Your Heart'

Currently split between Tennessee and France, this collaborative project between Molly Long and Jimmy Spice will transport the insides of your head to a warmer, cloudier world. You'll feel like you've been floating for at least a thousand years.

Edwards Cates

"This guys voice is so appropriate for all of these songs."

Edward Cates writes far more songs than he has money to produce. That’s according to his Bandcamp description. I won’t challenge Mr. Cates songwriting prolificy, but I think this is exactly the level of production that these songs need.

Looking For Alaska

I haven’t read the John Green novel from which Looking For Alaska took their name, and after looking at their album art, some people standing around an igloo in the snow, I was disappointed when I found out that Alaska was an individual’s name and not the great state of the north. However, this band is much less disappointing. They call themselves “indie rock”. I really wouldn’t elaborate much farther than that, but they do a better job than the majority of the bands out there that use the word “indie”. They have quite a many likes on Facebook, and seem to be playing lots of shows.