December 2011

Acid Glasses

Tape, Deported

 A recent contact I’ve made in Memphis recommended that I check out Acid Glasses, and I must say I am very impressed. This is one of the most interesting things I’ve heard in a while, and I’ll be sure to suck out more of the music on Sunday Fir in the future. All of the tracks by Acid Glasses seem to necessitate immediate, multiple listenings. I found myself listening to the first track on the album Tape, Deported quite a few times before moving on at all.

Liquid Skulls

Need to listen to something that can totally zone you out? Check out Liquid Skulls. Some music is written to take you captive. This definitely accomplishes that. Liquid Skulls has some tracks on BandCamp, a Tumblr, and a Facebook.

Brut Choir

Brut Choir describes their sounds as “Dark Psych Electronic Punk.” I wouldn’t diagree with any of that. These two dudes are great friends. In fact, their entire about me section consists of “Always friends, always a band.” If you need a break from happy pop, you should definitely check out Brut Choir. They’re kind of like what modern music would sound like if somebody went back in time and gave the Gregorian monks electricity and a Yamaha DX7.