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Is there as much blues rock in Memphis as Bandcamp makes it seem? Pretty much every other band on here is blues rock. It’s pretty much either that or rappers who include nudity on their album covers and thus prevent me from comfortably posting them here.


Ah! Something different emerges! There’s a band in Memphis simply called Bean whose Bandcamp tags include “happy”, “hot dog”, and “sandwiches”. Boy, do I love sandwiches. Their picture is a bean with sunglasses and a gun. Their album title is Bean. This is simplicity I can get behind.

These vocals seem too good, but I like the arrangements and it’s working for them. They say this is a band that got started from an impromptu roof jam, so that seems to make sense. I can imagine conversations like this:

“Oh, you can sing? Go for it then!”

“Sweet man. Oh hey, I can also do sick guitar solos. Let’s go for it!”

“Alright, but what in the world should we call ourselves?”


“Check out this picture of a bean with a gun!!!”

Forgive me if that was one hundred percent inaccurate. That’s just where my brain meanders to as I listen to the music of Bean. That guitar solo in “Get That Close” is indeed pretty sick. “If Only For A Little While” is probably my favorite on the album. It’s sort of similar to a band I love called Murder By Death. Excellent work, Bean. Keep it going strong without those Memphis blues.