Scissors & The Cuts

Scissors & The Cuts

Memphis Rock And Roll

Scissors & The Cuts are just a good old rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. I know you know that you’re reading the Memphis blog right now and so stating the bands origin in long form was possibly excessive, but I believe this band is really very close to what I imagine Memphis rock and roll to be. Though it’s not blues based, it is very much straight original era rock and roll.

These songs are refreshingly simple. They’re love songs. They’re about the American life, they’re about love, they’re about cars, and they’re arranged very appropriately.

This guys’ voice couldn’t be better for this genre. A lot of people would take this the wrong way, but there’s sort of a “Swing, Swing” era All-American Rejects vibe here that I think is totally perfect for these songs. Theses songs are fun!

“Chase The Night” is probably my favorite track on their album “3 July” on Bandcamp. It’s got a lot of really interesting chord changes, and it really exemplifies that simple rock style that these guys do so well. This is a pop rock song for the modern age at it’s best.

If you get the chance, you should totally check out Scissors & The Cuts live. I can’t tell if they have any upcoming shows, but I can definitely tell that this band would be very exciting to see live. They’ve totally got that “This is a rock and roll band and we love everything!” attitude that always adds to the excitement.