Whispers Of Dead Gods

Whispers Of Dead Gods

Whispers of Dead Gods is making really great ambient tracks. I happened across this on SoundCloud, and I’m impressed. Usually finds like this with no recommendations aren’t this good.

“Oblivion Bliss” is arranged really, really well. There are essentially no mid-range sounds going on. So it starts out all bass and then when the highs come in you’re genuinely surprised. I was listening with headphones, and I thought that the first high frequency sound was coming from another speaker somewhere else in the room. That’s tasteful.

I’m not really an expert on the different genres of ambient music, but he calls “See How I Think About You” industrial ambience, and I can see that. It’s a bit more distorted and machine feeling.

“Tabernacle Of The Worm” is my favorite. It’s definitely the harshest. It’s got more distortion, and it’s sort of creepy. He categorized it as purely industrial without the ambience tag. When that percussion kicks in, you will agree that this one is much more of a machine song than the others. There’s also this really eerie swelling sound that goes on for a long time that really adds to the atmosphere.

The creator behind Whispers of Dead Gods got started in the 90s with CSound and still uses it. He uses Linux apps to mix. He says he’s very isolated from the rest of the music world, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying his music. Check out his SoundCloud for a number of interesting tracks.