Tiger High

Tiger High

Tiger High took me a little bit longer to find than most of the bands I write about from Memphis, but what a treasure! These guys are making really great music. All of these guys (Jake Vest, Greg Roberson, Toby Vest, and Greg Faison) are Memphis natives who’ve been in their share of other bands. They make their records at High/Low Recording studio owned by Toby Vest, and they sound amazing.

Myth Is This is Tiger High’s first full length album, and it’s available as a cassette order or limited edition hand assembled compact disc. This album might my personal favorite of all the things I’ve heard from Memphis. I don’t know if they recorded this to tape or not, but it’s certainly got that organic tape warmth. Excellent job, Tiger High.

You can download the first track on the album, “Why Oh Why”, for free on Bandcamp, and I really have absolutely nothing bad to say about this song. The drum sounds are perfect, the vocals are amazing, and the guitar arrangements are great.

If you click over to the Special Edition version of Myth Is This you can find four extra tracks, and they’re really just as solid. In fact, “Riding The Wave” might be my favorite of all these tracks. It’s a bit more upbeat and sort of 50s rock-esque.

These guys’ experience absolutely shows, and this band is one of the most memorable that I’ve heard. Head over to their Bandcamp page and see what I’m talking about!