The Heavy Eyes

The Heavy Eyes

Memphis Blues Rock

If somebody said, “Hey man, want to go listen to some Mississippi psychadelic blues rock in this bar I found in outer Memphis?” The Heavy Eyes are exactly what I would expect to hear. They’re nailing it for their genre. I could see them playing in any bar in Memphis, Mississippi, or Louisiana. This music is obviously guitar driven, and they do it true to their style.

The artwork for their self-titled album on Bandcamp is pretty great too. I love it when bands use landscapes and art to sort of hide words. It’s a river eroding out “The Heavy Eyes” from the banks.

The first song on the album is called “5%”, and I have no idea why. There are hints of Priestess, Wolfmother, and The Black Keys in there. This is even more true on their second son, “Pinwheels” and throughout the rest of the eleven track album.

“In Need” is my favorite track on the album, and fortunately, it’s also the free one. This is very Black Keys influenced. I’ve never been a fan of Dan Auerbach’s voice though, and it’s refreshing to hear what his style of songs sound like with somebody else singing. Granted, this man does sound relatively similar, but I like it better.

If you get the chance, go check out The Heavy Eyes somewhere in Memphis or elsewhere. If you can check out any of the rest of Emil Orth’s artwork, it’s all very interesting as well. At the very least, go check out this Bandcamp page.