Self-titled album review

Oh, it’s definitely a night for some instrumental post rock. I just found this band called Glorie from Memphis, and they’re absolutely blowing my mind. From the very beginning, their self-titled, elephant covered album is incredible. This is a tough genre to break through, but they’re really catching my eye and ears. Even if you aren’t normally a fan of instrumental post rock, you should check these guys out. They’re more set for crossover success than most of the stuff in their field that you normally encounter.

The first song their album is called “Highrise,” and it’s really great. This kind of band is all about the tones, and the tones on everything here are great. The piano is rich and full, the guitars are perfectly overdriven and shimmering and the drums are a great mix of both room and tight. This kind of sound takes forever to put together, and Glorie sounds like they’ve got it all under control.

My favorite on the album is the second track, “Music For A Horror Movie.” That’s a really accurate title, I’d say. This song is pretty creepy. Once again, the tones are incredible, and that’s what sets these guys apart. There’s even a theremin sort of sound in there. That’s appropriate for this kind of song.

If you’re in Memphis, go find Glorie and try to get a show set up! If you aren’t, check out the Bandcamp page. You can stream all nine tracks for free, or buy them for $10!